Mixer cover- Newspaper Design

Mixer cover- Newspaper Design

$25.34 $22.81

This colorful  newspaper designed mixer cover, makes your kitchen happy and prevents your Kitchen-Aid/ K-Mix Mixer to get full of dust and dirt. The rim at the bottom of the mixer cover has pompoms that are dark brown.

The mixer cover is made of Canvas Cotton- It is 100% cotton, and it is a bit heavier than regular cotton, that's why the mixer cover stands up so nicely and doesn't collapse.


H-13", W-16.10", D-8.6"

H-33, W-41, D-22 cm

This mixer cover is suitable for:Kitchen-Aid, K-Mix, Kenwood Major,Sauter, Kenwood chef or Davo AKM6220 .
Care and handling- Machine washable-delicate with like colors, tumble dry low.

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