Platta cover-Red and White flowers

This cover for the blech has lovely pomegranates with the writing-Shabat & Yom Tov

Plata cover-Colorful flowers


Designer platta cover for the blech with red and white flowers design. The platta cover is made of heavy canvas cotton on it's upper layer. The lining is filled with acrylic insulation. The bottom layer is also heavy cotton. Those 3 layers keep the food warm. The platta cover will give a calmer atmosphere to the kitchen and to serving.

Enjoy you meal and Shabbat Shalom!

Dimensions: 80*66cm / 31.5"* 26"

You can give the platta cover as a wedding gift, or for a special occasion like being invited for Shabbat or Chag.

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Platta cover-Red and White flowers
Platta cover-Red and White flowers for Shabbat