A Matzah cover & Afikoman set-Retro

A Matzah cover & Afikoman set-Retro

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This Matzah cover & Afikoman set is perfect for the modern Jewish home.

Celebrate the Sedder on Pesach ( Passover) with your family & friends surrounded by a Holy atmosphere and a beautiful set table and a chic Matzah cover with a design of retro colorful circles.

Matzah Cover:
The Matzah cover is made of 3 layers where you can put 3 Matzos inside, and the Afikoman case is for the Afikoman after you break the Matzah in to 2.
Dimensions: 12.6*15 inches, 32*35 cm

Afikoman cover:
The afikoman cover is like a little case. After the Matzah has been split in half you put one half in the afikoman case.
Dimensions: 7.7*6.7 inches, 19.5*17 cm

Machine wash delicate.

A great gift for the Seder host.

Happy Passover!